In the future I would like to visualise my model about the construction with WebGL. Fortunately there is an excellent WebGL exporter for Rhino. The next step is to embed the exported stuff into the Jekyll website. Here is my first experiment.

I used the solution from the source of this site:

First, export the model as Iris Web Archive. The result will be a folder with some files and folders. I put the folder in a folder named models in the root of my Jekyll site, and used the following code, where 3r_1.iris is the name of my Iris Web Archive folder:

<iframe allowfullscreen id="3r_1" width="100%" height="500px" src="/bebop/models/3r_1.iris/index.html" frameBorder="0" ></iframe>

The result is here:


  • LMB - Pan around the scene
  • RMB - Orbits the scene camera
  • MM Wheel - Zooms
  • Zooming Extents - ‘z’
  • Zooming Selected - ‘s’